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Child Vaccinations

We are able to vaccinate your children according to the national vaccination schedules of the United Kingdom, USA and most other countries as necessary.

We follow the guidelines recommended by The Department of Health. Please click below to see the recommended schedules.
United Kingdom – full immunisation schedule
United States – full immunisation schedule


Many of our patients choose to have their children vaccinated through the NHS but we are happy to provide these vaccines and those unavailable on the NHS as follows.
Gardasil – HPV Vaccine
At The Brook Surgery we offer Gardasil injection to all teenage girls around the ages of 13-15 years. It is given as a course of three separate injections over a six month period. It protects against four different strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) protecting against both those associated with Cervical Cancer and genital warts. There is a national programme of vaccination with an alternative vaccine Cervarix which protects only against two strains of HPV associated with Cervical Cancer.
Gardasil is increasingly being used to target other Cancers associated with HPV in certain other groups. For more information please contact a clinical member of staff.
Chickenpox vaccine is a routine part of the immunisation schedule in some countries including the US. It is given as two separate vaccines at least eight weeks apart. It is licensed over 1 year of age and it is a live vaccine which needs to be administered together with or two months after the MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccine.
Meningitis B – Bexsero
This new vaccine has been licensed and available in the UK since early 2014. It protects against the aggressive Meningitis B which accounts for 90% of meningoccocal meningitis in the UK, and is responsible for more deaths in under 5’s than any other infectious disease. There is a further peak of cases in the late teens and we recommend this vaccine to all children.
The vaccines are licensed from 2 months of age, with a schedule of three vaccines given 2 months apart under 6 months of age, or two vaccines 2 months apart over 6 months of age. Both groups require a booster 1-2 years later.


For more information visit www.immunisation.nhs.uk