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Covid-19- Testing

Covid-19 Testing at the Brook Surgery 



There are currently two types Covid-19 tests offered at The Brook Surgery.  They are for registered patients and can be done in a consultation with a doctor or remotely at home.  Any patient not currently registered with the practice will need to register as part of arranging any testing. The cost of registration is £35.



PCR Antigen Swab for patients WITH symptoms -£120  (the “have I got it” test) – This test cannot be done on site it needs to be done privately off the premises


A throat & nasal swab looking for the presence of Coronavirus Antigen (Virus material).  Positive in >80% of symptomatic COVID patients taking a decent swab reaching the back of the throat & nose. This service can now only be done by the patient or a family member and not by clinical staff in the practice. This test is the same as that being used in the NHS testing centres around the country.  It is used to test symptomatic patients (adults & children of all ages), and can be used to screen well people with a Covid contact, or those requiring a Fit To Fly Certificate.

The tests are being processed at The Doctor’s Laboratory and results are generally back within 24 hours.


Abbott IgG Antibody Blood Test- £58/test (the “Did I have it” test)


The body makes antibodies during infection and their presence afterwards both confirms that the patient suffered Covid-19 exposure and has developed some immunity to prevent reinfection.  There is no certainty that Covid-19 immunity is lasting but at the time of writing only a very few patients have suffered reinfection (and those have not been seriously ill), and in previous epidemics of different Coronavirus infections, antibodies were still present at 36 months. People with IgG antibodies are therefore at very low risk of reinfection and should not become infective to others.   The Abbott IgG antibody test is 98.5% sensitive (false positives) and 100% specific (false negatives).  This test is verified by the UK government.


Roche Anti Sars Cov-2 RBD IgG Antibody Blood Test- £58/test (the ” has the vaccine worked” test)

This antibody test gives a relative value of the body’s response to the Covid-19 vaccine.  It has been shown to be effective after the Astra Zeneca, Moderna & Pfizer vaccines.  There is not yet evidence correlating the value of the response to levels of clinical protection.  However, it is well documented that even two vaccines does not offer an individual comprehensive protection from Covid-19, and that those patients with a more robust response should be better protected that those who’s are weaker.

Please note a self taken Finger prick version of this test is available without a consultation at £65.


Important Addendum


The government has now authorised the use of the PCR swab & some antibody tests (Roche & Abbot). The swab results are currently forwarded to Public Health England and contribute to the national statistics of cases.   A positive antibody test of either kind will not yet give a patient a certificate or passport to be allowed to breach the lockdown rules, and this is our advice as well that of Public Health England.


At present, no one knows what kind of lasting immunity is provided by the presence of IgM or IgG antibodies.  It is inferred from other infections that a patient with IgG antibodies is protected from re-infection, but no current data exists to confirm whether this is the case with Covid-19.