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Flu Vaccine Clinic – AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23

The Brook Surgery Flu campaign starts in September when we receive vaccines from our suppliers. This year we are stocking 4 vaccines:

Sanofi Pasteur Quadirvalent Vaccine-QIVe – estimated arrival 13th September

This has been our standard vaccine for many years and we know that some patients choose this vaccine for this reason. It is inactivated (non-live). It can be given from 6 months-65 years. It is manufactured using egg proteins and is contraindicated in egg allergic patients
It is also the recommended vaccine for pregnant women.

Seqirus Flucelvax Cell-based Quadrivalet Vaccine QIVc – estimated arrival 27th September

This is a new cell-based vaccine available over the few years approved for the first year in 2016. It is inactivated (non-live) and can be used from 2-65years. Public Health England are recommending this vaccine for at risk groups eg asthmatics & diabetics.

Seqirus Fluad Attenuated Quadrivalent Vaccine aQIV – estimated arrival 27th September 65yrs +

This vaccine has become the standard vaccine for patients over the age of 65years and contains an adjuvant protein that increases the immunological response to the vaccine meaning more protection. It is a inactivated (non-live) vaccine

Astra Zeneca Fluenz Nasal Vaccine

This is a live attenuated vaccine sprayed into the nostrils of children aged 2-18years. Please note that the NHS campaign will vaccinate all school-aged children up to Year 6 (11yrs) at their schools in the coming weeks. After NHS contracts are filled the excess supply is sold into the private sector with no guarantee of supply (eg last year for the first time we were unable to source any vaccine). This vaccine is contraindicated in children with moderate-severe asthma.

Children being vaccinated for the first time

Children aged less than 9 years who have not been previously vaccinated should receive a second dose of vaccine after an interval of at least 4 weeks.