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Psychosexual Clinic

Our Psychosexual Clinic is led by Dr Emily Simon who is a Consultant in psychosexual medicine, having trained and attained membership from the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.


What does psychosexual mean?
The psychological and emotional attitudes concerning sexual thought and activity.


What is Psychosexual Medicine?
It is psychosomatic medicine applied to sexual disorders. It is a brief interpretive therapy practised by health professionals who understand how emotional factors, not always experienced at a conscious level interfere with sexual performance and enjoyment.


Increasingly we are understanding the scientific connections between the mind and the body. The underlying cause of a problem may be physical or psychological to varying degrees but are rarely limited to one or the other. Psychosexual medicine explores both of these aspects and uses both medicine and psychoanalysis to help manage symptoms that you might be experiencing.


This includes but is not limited to loss of desire, low libido, inability to orgasm and pain during sex. In women it can include pelvic pain, vaginismus and the inability to achieve penetrative sex. In men it can include erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders.


How the Clinics work
Usually, the patient and doctor will meet for around 6 sessions of 50 minutes. In some patients we may meet for more and in others for less. The process is very much patient led and we will continue for as long as it is beneficial for the patient. It would typically include an examination. In some cases, where appropriate, medication might be prescribed.


Each session is £140 and can be booked by following this link.